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Home-Technology. La Jornada. 28-abr-1985. The technological revolution comes from Juchitan: A 100% mexican computer
Over twenty-years back, in the living-room, we builded the G3, with an 80 column by 25 rows video system, it had a 12 precision digit floating-point BASIC, and amazed to every visitor, even cartoonists.


Workbench of Familia Toledo

Scientific articles writed by Oscar Toledo Esteva for newspapers and magazines: (Spanish literature)

Noticias Familia Toledo (NFT).

Bulletins of the research department of Familia Toledo
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Bulletin No. 12. February 1999.
Content Click here to download this bulletin, 16 pages, PDF 746.2 kb.
«Windows» Fénix
Una circuitería
Multimedia G11
Idioma espacial
Diseño CAD/CAM
Libros dígitales
El arte de emular
El ajedrez
Trabajamos para ti
Bulletin No. 13. August 1999.
Content Click here to download this bulletin, 16 pages, PDF 630.8 kb.
Computadora universal
Explorador Biyubi
Cuestión de talento
Rey de los lenguajes
Departamento de investigación
Testimonio zapoteca
Notas breves


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Information from Familia Toledo.
Description File Size
Boletín No. 12. 16 páginas. b12com.pdf 746.2 kb.
Boletín No. 13. 16 páginas. b13com.pdf 630.8 kb.
Detector de tesoros. Una página. detector.pdf 186.2 kb.
Electrocardiógrafo computarizado. Una página. ecg.pdf 14.1 kb.
Computadora educativa. Una página. computadora_educativa.pdf 83.5 kb.
Calendario de clases del Curso 2011. Una página. curso.pdf 42.1 kb.
Contenido del Curso Fase I 2011. Una página. infocurso.pdf 83.5 kb.

Wallpapers of Familia Toledo carried out in the G10 computer.
Image Description File Size
Robot Robot (640x480) robot1.gif 45.5 kb.
Robot (800x600) robot2.gif 61.4 kb.
Robot (1024x768) robot3.gif 85.6 kb.

Posters developed on the G11 platform
Image Description File Size
Commemorative poster Commemorative poster with the listing of the source code of a chess program created by Oscar G. Toledo, first mexican that won the International Obfuscated C Code Contest (IOCCC).
Size: 53.0 x 76.2 cm.
Resolution: 300 dpi (dots per inch)
poster.jpg 9.02 mb.


Sample of animation in 3 dimensions with low resolution, created in G11V3.
Animation Description File Size
Robots Robots, video in AVI format robots.avi 2.35 mb.