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Hardware, firmware, software... Created in Mexico
The world most inexpensive computer USD $99.00
THE LEGEND CONTINUES. Familia Toledo created a new computer platform, the Fenix Operating System, the Biyubi Navigator for exploring Internet, the zapotec dictionary with more than 23000 entries, and now proudly, we present the world most inexpensive computer, with support of our star programs, and all people will have it by USD $99. Not available for individual sale.
We are inventing the future
...nobody realized that a family can compete with the monopolies... - See bulletin 12

Very small vanguard computers, light-weight and with reduced energy consumption, cross compilers, exclusive and original operating systems with graphical windows of instantaneous resolution, microcomputers with video of the size of a cigarette packet, Internet navigator with world router, computer systems that can do auto-install, auto-diagnose and auto-repair, ecological computer programs that can contribute to save in the use of the paper by means of the edition of reduced versions of two or three pages in one...

These are some examples of the studies and experiments that Familia Toledo carry out in their research department, here it is invented the future of the computers and Internet with exclusive applications, them don't belong to a specific microprocessor, the applications and the finished programs can jump from a platform to other, these are some of the techniques and objects that will change pleasantly our life.

...we refine even more our established processes and the digital engines... - See bulletin 13

Before well-known marks and their bad computers arrived, Familia Toledo designed a new route in computational sciences, with original programmable circuits, our own operating system, peripherals and programs adapted to our reality. Know the extraordinary labor and effort of this Mexican family consecrated to this purpose, an excellent work where the force of the innovation with strategic knowledge counts more than the marketing. This story is being documented in this site and in the bulletins of the Research Department of Familia Toledo.

Familia Toledo do not manufactures G11 computers for direct sale to the public, they sell their prototypes to gobernments or original equipment manufactures. When creating a new type of computer, the programs of the market are not compatible. If your work is about original digital products, get ready for entering into the new economy, the sale of intangibles, ideas, patents and professional source code. Don't ignore our realizations if you want to be to the head of the new competitions.

Adan's Turtle
Toledo Platform
Familia Toledo platform
In the 1950's, Oscar Toledo Esteva looked at the future and he saw what nobody has seen, captivated with this futurist vision, in 1970 he designed and built his evolutive computer, wrote the syncronous programs, after, basically, only pushed a button and waited while the microprocessor and programs imaginated the result. Enhanced from generation on generation up to the new G12V5, every one of the obtained triumphs is because of that home computer, the benefits are impressive and concrete. Part of this history (Spanish)...
Fenix System
Fenix System
A multimedia operating system, that boots in only 4 seconds, instantaneous change of video resolution, virus-proof, fusioned with digital TV, with universal video capture on any screen, it can be turned off at any moment without problems, and its BIOS is updated by Internet without uncovering the box of the equipment. Created exclusively for the G11 computer. More on this history (Spanish)...
Biyubi Navigator
Biyubi Navigator 5.2 in action
Created by Familia Toledo, Biyubi 5.4 is the first Latin-American browser for Internet navigation, hacker-proof, with e-mail manager, Internet server and site scanner, fast and with an incomparable simplicity. It operates exclusively under the Fenix Operating System. In Zapotec language, Biyubi means "seek without truce". More on this history (Spanish)...



Give me a point of support and I will move the world
Greek mathematician and geometrician (287-212 BC)
More opinions (Spanish)...

For some people the content of this site can create doubts or debate for their authenticity, we invite them to check that our scientific and technological research don't rest in words.

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