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• Summary of Familia Toledo technology
• The G11V3 has these exclusive advantages
• USB (Universal Serial Bus) & Firewire
• Exclusive programs under Fenix System
• Fénix advantages
• Comparative test of Biyubi Navigator
• Accumulative experience to people's service
• Visitants of the investigation department
• Part of this history in the bulletins No. 12 & 13  
Familia Toledo don't make G11 computers for direct sale to the public, they sell his prototypes to gobernments or original equipment manufacturers (OEM).
Familia Toledo computer, 2nd. generation, (c) 1980
Familia Toledo computer, 2nd. generation, (c) 1980

Summary of the Familia Toledo Technology

The G11V3 computer has these exclusive advantages

Exclusive programs under the Windows Fenix system

Accumulative experience to people's service