Innovative products

Original creations available for sale:
• Computerized treasure and metal detector. 2013 model
• Purifier and ion generator.
• Monitor of heart rhythms.
• Educative computer v.3.
• Development microsystem v.2.
• Didactic serialized communicator.
• Educative services.

Computerized treasure detector

The world is full with treasures that wait to be discovered with our potent detector of gold and silver, with him it is possible to discover booties of past times or relatively recent, in sunken ships, mines or lost cities, caves of incredible wealth, conquerors' lootings, or simple hidden treasures in the walls of an old house.

The search of treasures is an entertainment that promises good surprises and profits, the Toledo metal detector is the best equipment by its performance, for being innovative and its price, is computerized for the best accuracy and stability, with depth indicator, sound with variable tone, warning of low-batteries, dismountable, earphone connector, and easy to use, one control calibrates the maximum depth. Our detector locates a coin up to twenty-five centimeters!, other detectors at only ten centimeters, this guarantees a depth of up to 250 centimeters in a big discovery.

This is not a simple detector with BFO technique (Beat Frequency Oscilator), TR/ID (Transmit-Receive/Induction-Balance) o VLF (Very Low Frequency). The Toledo metal detector has a computerized radar of ultra-low frequency, that transmits and receives the signal with a single antenna, commanded by a powerful software designed by the best specialists, this technology makes it a extraordinarily sensitive, for detecting gold, silver, or copper, also discriminates automatically small objects, small ornamental chains, ferrous rocks, water and humidity, without sacrificing depth!.

Don't be surprised by esoteric products, pendulums, scissors, radio antennas or promises of dozens of meters of depth... that in reality don't work. Today still don't exists an detector with total discrimination, when this happens, the automobile-makers will install a Toledo treasure detector in its metalic automobiles, with alarm and a shovel.

The Toledo detector penetrates all types of ground: moist, rocks, bricks, calcareous, cement, caves, beach, etc. Lightweight, its powerful batteries yield up to 8-hours of continuous search. Activate it, calibrate it, and you are ready for treasure search, a reading of the numeric visualization and the sound of variable tone will indicate a discovery, and you can start to dig.

This exclusive system is not available on shops, and there is not another on the world. Buy it directly from the manufacturer and not with intermediaries. ¡Check it!, visit us for a free demostration. Our equipment is made to order (delivery in five bussiness days), is guaranteed against defects of manufacture, has support of reparation, includes batteries and free shipping inside Mexico.

Computerized metal detector with LCD
Computerized metal locater with liquid crystal display (LCD). Because of its sensibility, stability, performance and price, the Toledo detectors are a good choice.
Treasure detector
Computerized metal detector with light-emitting display (LED), indicates detection range, depth of discovery and low-batteries, lightweight and compact, with earphone connector and dismountable in three parts. In a weekend this detector can make you millonaire.

Purifier and Ion Generator

In the cities, the beneficial negative ions are destroyed by the smoke, the contamination and the electromagnetic radiation, also by the heating systems of homes and offices. When the air contains positive ions, the people becomes tense and irritable and has difficulties to concentrate, likewise, they suffer headache, malaise and somnolence.

An environment with negative ions has a confortable effect; there is less malaise and the people feel happy, energetic and positive. Also has been observed that the air with negative ions is beneficial for the burns and skin diseases treatment, like eczema, also helps with depression and anxiety, headache and respiratory problems.

As result of this scientific evidences, we invented an ion generator, that flows negative ions onto the environment, helping to ground the dust particles suspended in the air, this way you will get clean air, avoiding bacteria and virus contamination, and wound infection. This ionizer is useful in closed places, as houses, offices, laboratories, schools, theaters, Internet coffeshops, etc, for prevention of respiratory diseases, cold chill or asthma. Easy to clean, don't requieres filters, don't makes noise and consumes only a watt of energy.

Your health doesn't have price. Available immediately.

Ion generator

Monitor of heart rhythms

Electrocardiograph with graphics of high resolution, advanced system that detects in milivolts the electric alterations of the heart rhythm, this programmable equipment uses a powerful microprocessor with video images for maximum versatility, autonomous system for ambulance, clinic or personal use. Uses a VGA screen and printer. Made to order.

On our biomedical división we create ionizers & electrocardiographs monitors for caring your life.
Electrocardiograph monitor

Educative computer

Autotraining and control computer, for programming in assembly language, with connector of serial communications RS-232C, interface of programmable peripherals to control any mechanical or electronic device, and connector for matrix, laser and color printers, the necessary tool for the industries, schools, hospitals and universities. With manual of instructions and demostrative programs. Made to order, minimum of 100 equipments. Or build one in our courses.

Optional peripherals & programs:

  • CD-ROM for communications, assembler and disassembler for development of programs in PC.
  • Book with 102 educative programs
  • Analogic/Digital converter.
  • Digital/Analogic converter.
  • Real-time Clock & Date.
  • Expandable connector for breadboard.
  • LCD Display.
  • 24-bits programmable controller (I/O).
  • GAL programmer (Generic Array Logic).
  • PIC programmer
Educative computer

Development Microsystem v.2

Learn, experiment and program a vanguard microprocessor in this development system with integrated connectors, use a PC or an optional interface for autonomous operation with graphical LCD and PS/2 keyboard, ready for control, robotics, servo or alarm tasks.

Integrates an assembler and BASIC language. With this embedded system, the students of the new technologies have a competitive advantage, with high-impact results.

The basic system weights 80 grams. Includes power supply, serial cable and operation manual. Available in minimum 1000 pieces order. Made to order.

Digital systems

Training material

Training RS-232C communications system for scientific use, with baud-rate selection, hexadecimal visualization of received data and bit selection for data transmission. Does independent comprobations of serialized communications and demonstrates the basic concepts of the computationals networks.

Sistema didáctico de comunicaciones para uso científico


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